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Nikita’s Swift

I would really like to thank you for your excellent service and great communication and help in buying the body kit from you. Nothing seemed to be a bother and it was a pleasure dealing with you. The paint job was brilliant and it was a perfect match to the rest of the car and it was easy to fit. Thank you once again.


Regards Nikita. Tamworth.

Paul’s Swift

Hey Custom Street FX,


You Guys are the absolute best, I spoke to heaps of people before modifying my swift and no one else could even tell me how to fit a tail light. You guys are the swift guru’s and I want everyone to know if your after the best swift products and advice these guys are the only choice.


Thanks for everything,


Paul’s Swift ModsFull Sports Kit With Super Sports Kit Addon

Full smoked Set Of LED Lights with LED Fogs

Custom Leather Interior

Chrome Full Door

Carbon Fibre Air Intake

LED Stainless Steel Door + Rear Scuffs

Sports Pedals + Mats

Carbon Fibre Bonnet

Short Shifter“This Is Definitely One Of The Sickest Swifts Cruising The Goldy” – Ben

Debbie’s Swift

Hello Custom Street FX,


I just wanted to thank you so much, my Swift looks amazing I am so impressed with you service and attention to detail I will highly recommend you to every swift owner I see.


Regards Debbie

Debbie’s Swift Mods

Full Sports Bodykit

Set of Smoked LED Lights + LED Fog Lights

Custom Interior

LED Door + Rear Stainless Steel Scuff Plates

Cold Air Intake

“Definitely a hot swift, congratulations Debbie you will be turning a lot of heads.” – Ben

Paul + Gina’s Swift

Hope you like our pics we love them, thx 4 your prompt service and extreme quality products also thank you so much from gina for making my swift the best swift in Melbourne looking 4ward to hotting her up sum more.


thx paul and gina


“Paul and Gina’s Copper Swift is a beautiful example of how good the swift can look. It has the sports rear with exhaust fitted. Elegance front and rear skirts and a host of other goodies inside and out. Congratulations Paul and Gina on your little show stopper”. – Ben

Grants Swift

You have a great site and the U tube intro is a nice touch. Great gear and very professional look. Cheers and hope all good at your end. Regards Grant Crazy Swift Guy in Adelaide.

Viv’s Swift

Just a quick note to say thanks for the job you have done on my little Swift Sports today… looks fantastic and goes even better, you have made my day. I will recommend you to my boss, she has the same Sports Model and is very keen to see my finished product. Thanks also for the great service, you are so easy to deal with.

Best regards


“Viv’s swift is the first in Australia to be wearing the all new swift sports chrome Grills, it

also has chrome headlight trims a chrome fuel door and a cold air intake. Nice sports Viv”. – Ben

Ben’s Swift

Hey Ben was great dealing with you very helpful and knew what you were talking about. I recommend products to anybody, And with your website so easy to find it just makes dealing through you a hell of a lot easier. Hope to deal with you again very soon take care


“Ben’s definitely got one of the hottest sports running around NSW, it has a full set of smoked LED lights and a super sports kit with rally spoiler. The black on yellow looks awesome”. – Ben

Thank you Custom Street FX

We love how our green swift has turned out and we pull looks wherever we go.


“Full sports kit with LED rear scuff chrome fuel door and a rally spoiler all in the shiny green, very nice.”. – Ben

Noel’s Swift

Thank you Ben and Custom Street FX you have been a pleasure to deal with. Your prices your advice and knowledge around swifts is amazing and I would highly recommend you guys to anyone wanting to customise their swift.


Noel has the hottest white swift on the coast that I have seen. He has a full elegance kit, LED Lights, carbon fibre shifter and one of our full in dash entertainment systems with GPS among many other subtle enhancements. Noel is a true enthusiast and his swift always gets a second and third look.

Michael’s swift

Ben is the man when it comes to everything swift he has helped me with my swift and everyone who who is looking at customising their swift you can not go past Custom Street FX.


Michael has an awesome swift yellow swift sports and has added smoked LED lights and gone for the full carbon bonnet and carbon rally spoiler. Nice job Michael a truly unique Sports.

Shelly’s Swift

I love how my swift has turned out J.


Shelly rolled in with a stock swift apart from the hot chrome wheels and rolled out with a full sports kit, a rally spoiler and a full set of smoked LED lights this is a big transformation.

Kelvin’s Swift

Hi Ben,


From start to finish I could not have asked for better service and expert advise in regards to the purchase and fitting of my sport super1600 rear spoiler from Ben at Custom street fx.I would recomend this company to any one wishing to purchase good quality products for there suzuki swift.



Kelvin Lennox


“Very sleek black swift Kelvin.” – Ben

Josh’s Swift

Dear Ben ,


I am writing to you to say how pleased i am with the new petrol cap that i recently purchased from you. i have attached some before and after photos just to show how it turned out hope to be dealing with you in the future.


Yours faithfully,


Tania’s Swift

Hey Custom Street FX


Thank you for your quick response and great service. I shall be buying more from you in the near future!


Regards Tania

David’s Swift

Hey Custom Street FX,


Here are some pics of my baby, thanks so much for all your help you guys are awesome.



New Zealand

Mike’s Swift

Hi Ben,


Custom Street FX supplied the accessories for my swift and WOW check them out!! They are brilliant!!! Happy with both the price and service as items were delivered within 2 days, Can’t beat that service. I would have no hesitation

recommending Custom Street FX to anybody.



Mike Turvey

Mike’s Swift ModsElegance Body Kit

Smoked Sports Tails

Chrome Fuel Door


“This Is a Very Clean Swift, Nice Mike” – Ben

Wade’s Swift

Hey Ben,

Just wanted to thank you for all your help you really know your stuff . I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.


Wade’s Swift ModsSmoked set of LED Lights

LED Stainless Steel Door + Rear Scuffs

Sports Mesh Grills“A Very Unique Swift Sport.” – Ben

Kyle’s Swift

Hey Ben, here is the finished product after install for your website :)


I was very happy with the quick delivery of parts, great when you get them out of the box (Esp. the carbon fibre :D ) very easy to install, when there were problems you were only a phone call away and more than happy to help! and you can tell for

yourself that the finished product looks good!



Kyle’s Swift ModsCarbon Fibre Air Intake

Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

LED Stainless Steel Door Scuffs“Awesome Engine Bay Kyle” – Ben

Kce’s Swift

Hey Custom Street FX,


Thank you so much for the spoiler it looks awesome.


Thanks Kce

Azza’s Swift

Hello Custom Street FX,


i just bought the smoked angel headlights of you guys and the carbon bonnet. just letting you know they look great and were really easy to install. also noticed that we get better vision at night with the new set up. thank you guys heaps definately be bying again soon. thanks heaps for the mad service.



Bridget’s Swift

Hello Ben,


I just wanted to say how happy I am with my swift and the excellent service and advice you have given me, I cant wait for Shane to buy me everything that’s on my wishlist. :)




Bridget’s Swift ModsChrome Grill Set

Fog Lights

LED Stainless Steel Door Scuffs“A Very Elegant Little Swifty” – Ben

Bec’s Swift

Hey Ben,


Very Impressed with CUSTOM STREET FX !!!!!!!!!! I am quite fussy with my car but ben from custom street fx was extremly helpful with everything and made me VERY happy. The Quality, Service , Products and Prices are brillant. I dont have a bad word to say about custom street fx. There are alot of other people doing the wrong thing out there and selling crappy products and just dont know what they”re talking about, Ben and Custom Street FX are way above the rest so if you reading this you’ve found ther best site out there and stick with them you will be impressed to!!!!!!!


Thanks Bec

“Becs Red Swift Is Super clean and turns heads everywhere.” – Ben

Thanks from Marty

Hey Ben,


Marty here from Precision Automotive. Just forwarding the photos of the swift finished , Thanks mate for your help. Little Car actually looked really good when finished . Owner is stoked.


Regards Marty.

Heather’s Swift

Thank you Custom Street FX for transforming my little standard swift into this awesome little beast I love it so much!


“This is the hottest little Blue swift I have seen and I am amazed that we dont see many more people kitting this colour as it really stands out. Well Done Heather :) ”

Jamie's Swift

The service I received from Ben at custom street fx when purchasing my accessories was great. I paid for them on sun and received them on wed. They were packed very well and arrived in perfect condition. I needed to ask Ben a question in regards to fitment and he was more then happy to help.


Cheers Jamie


Personally I am a big fan of silver and this Jamies swift is I fine example fitted with a super sports kit and LED lights + the blue stripe really makes this swift command attention where ever it goes.

Kreshan’s Swift

Hello Custom Street FX,

I would like to thank Ben for his advices, service and overall professionalism. .

I was really impressed with the products that were sent over from Queensland to Perth (where I live). The high quality of the body kit and twin exhaust, provided by Custom Street FX, were even mentioned by my car mechanic (FibreVision). Usually the mechanics employed to fit the kits would complain about the products if they obtained from somewhere else. But when i collected my car, after the kit and exhausts were added, the mechanic only had praises for the absolutely accurate sizes of all the parts (which really eased his job).


Thank you once again Ben.




“Kreshan’s swift is a truly unique look , it started life as a base model but has since had a sports rear bar with dual exhaust fitted then a black super sports rear skirt with black series 3 front chins and side skirts. Well done Kreshan it looks hot” – Ben

Alan’s Swift

My car looks great. It just shows how by adding only wheels and a body kit , how good a car can look. In my experience with Web sites you can easily become sceptical of who you are dealing with. I hope anybody reading this will feel at ease , As I can highly recommend you as a 5 star operation. Professional in all ways, Honesty, Quality, Service and Price. When you produce a emblem of Customstreetfx I would be proud to display this on my car.


Thank You Again Ben



” Very true Alan, a swift does come alive with a nice kit and a sweet set of wheels, good job mate your swift looks awesome ”

- Ben

Rosie’s Swift

Hi Custom Street FX

Great company to deal with and we will be adding the LED tailights soon


Thank You Ben




” Rosie has a hot little sports and the number plates really make it stand out” - Ben

Jason’s Swift

I would like to thanks Ben for all his help, advice, quick communication and super sale specials. He has been spot on each time, a terrific service, you couldn’t ask for better. My swift is a work in progress. Most of my modifications have been aesthetic until the suspension mods. The new suspension modifications (front tower bar and rear suspension brace) have made an amazing difference in how my swift goes around corners. It is much flatter through the corners with almost no body roll. Next will be new springs and some engine and exhaust mods to give my swift just a little more grunt.


Thanks again Ben



” Jason’s swift is nice and clean looking relatively standards but after the suspension mods is now

on rails and heaps more fun through the corners” - Ben

Carmel’s Swift

Hey Ben


I just wanted to email you a few photos of my swift after the body kit was put on. Im loving it, it looks fantastic! The colour match is perfect and it fit like a glove so to speak. I can’t wait to purchase further items for my swift in the future.


Once again thanks




“Carmel’s swift is a real head turner. it has an elegance kit fitted and a nice set of alloys inbright red, Very Nice :) ” - Ben

Megan’s Swift

Ben is the Wizard of Swift and can make your Swift remarkable from every angle. You can’t go wrong with a Swift and to be extraordinary, you can’t go wrong with Ben. Thank you Ben you are a true Swift Wizard and genius! I am proud to wear the “ Enhanced by Custom Street “ sticker on my car.


” Megan has one of the most unique swifts in the country. It has marbled bonnet and mirrors, full elegance kit, full set of smoked lights and a host of other accessories to give it massive appeal from every angel. This Swift definitely

commands attention where ever it goes. Well done Megan “- Ben

Jasmijin’s Swift

Ben, just want to say a ‘big’ thank you for the awesome service,! Took me a while to decide on what I wanted but I’m so happy with the o

utcome, fall in-love with my car every time I see it:) Paint job is awesome an fits my car perfectly! Thanks Jazzy.


” Jasmijn has the hottest swift in Broome and to her credit she and her dad did the whole install themselves with no previous experience ( maybe 1 or 2 phone calls lol ) Jasmijn’s swift now has a full sports kit and angel eye head lights, Well done Jasmijn :) ” - Ben

Janelle’s Swift

“A BIG thankyou to you and the crew at Swift Nation!! You guys are awesome!! I barley have time to think about my purchase before the parts have arrived at my doorstep. You always provide the best quality products and prices and I keep coming back for more. Over the last year you have helped me completely transform my Sports Swift and you definitely know just how I wanted it to look! Best part is, i fitted it all myself (with a little bit of help =)). Super amazing service and advice around and I am more than happy to spread the word!!”


“As promised here are some pictures. Just rims and maybe a supercharger to go…. =)”


-Cheers Janelle


Janelle’s Sport


Super Sports Kit

LED Smoked Lights

Cold Air Intake

” Nice Sports model Janelle, looks hot in the Cashmere blue. Cant wait to see it supercharged :) “

Tegan’s Swift

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help with organising the kit for my Swift. You answered every question I asked of you no matter how big or small. The kit was made and sent super quick after payment and was very easy to install. I am extremely happy with the end product!!


Tegan’s Swift Mods


Full Sports kit with upgraded skirts

Smoked LED lights all round

Custom Exhaust system

17″ Black Wheels

Dark Tint


” Well done Tegan, your Swift is super clean and the dark on copper looks awesome. I am sure you turn heads everywhere “

Jess’s Swift

“I’ve attached a pic of my swift, i think she’s looking good. hubby has also installed his bracing kit and is handling so much better thanks soooo much for all your help with all my emails “


Jess’s Mods


Full elegance kit

Chrome LED lights

Lowered springs

Full bracing kit

Stainless exhaust

‘This Swift ticks all the boxes, it clean with a nice kit, nice set of wheels, sits just at the right height and will go around corners like a go cart”

Christine's Swift

“I’ve attached a pic of my swift, i think she’s looking good. hubby has also installed his bracing kit and is handling so much better thanks soooo much for all your help with all my emails “


“Well done Christine your Swift looks hot!“ - Ben


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